The Hype-O-Meter, Revisited

I had previously suggested that we should be tracking published global warming hype so as to determine the peak. My theory was that once we were on the downward slope, we’d have less politically skewed data and we could then objectively study the real threat, cause, rate etc. This appears not to be true. It definitely seems that global warming is yesterday’s news; we no longer hear much about the oceans rising by 23 feet. Indeed the Hype-O-Meter appears to be in the save the bears range.

And the earth, cooling so much the IPCC has asked for a time out.

In less than one year.

The problem is that we still don’t have a clue if the earth is warming. And if it is, why? How fast?

In the interest of advancing science, I had a go at advancing the state of the art in climate modeling:


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