Keeping it Together in Seattle



TO:      The Extended Conscientious Community

FROM: Key Stakeholders in Organizations of Significance (Global)

RE:       Updated Talking Points: Addressing the Key Issues in the new Climate of Uncertain Momentum, Regulatory and Media Compliance

Thank you for your continued engagement on this life or death issue. We’re close to victory here team. But recent blog activity has called undue attention to the radical right wing theories put forward by M&M and Climate Audit and, left unchecked, could slow critical momentum on regulatory efforts. It’s worth pointing out that the future economic/regulatory/capital environment assumed by many who anticipate and plan for a progressive Green Economy is at risk without key follow-through here.

We are, as we always have been, outspent and under constant attack from the less progressive corporations and a backward looking Republican party leadership catering to their unscientific religious base. It is critical that we retain the needed mindshare and momentum in the media. And to do this, we must stay on message. To this end, the following talking points have been deemed to be effective at this time.

Please review the material enough to be comfortable both in ad-hoc discussions and in the press. As always, variation in the order and wording of these points is permissible and even recommended for the newswire, but the tone and key points should remain constant.

1. These are complex issues. Reinforce that most scientists agree the earth is warming, and the cause is manmade. Manmade is the preferred terminology here, ideally replacing CO2. If pressed, it is acceptable to say that CO2 levels in the atmosphere continue to rise, and that CO2 is known greenhouse gas. Further specifics should be avoided, and repetition that “most scientists agree” is an effective technique. It’s worth noting that the term climate change never really caught on and is deprecated, as it has the potential to confuse.

2. In forums where more detail is helpful, it’s useful to assert with confidence that the data still shows that the earth is warming. The previous messaging of the hottest interval on record is still effective at implying a trend, but it’s critical that the interval be decade and not year, month etc. When pressed, reinforce the reality that measuring average global temperatures is complex, and that patterns need to be gleaned by using statistical methods and experts. And most statisticians who have looked at the data agree the earth is warming. It is not recommended that any more detail be offered here, although as always, repetition is a handy tool in many situations. The phase hide the decline is to be avoided, and just ignoring it is simple and effective.

3. Less is more on UEA, Mann, Jones, M&M tree rings or hockey sticks. If pressed, fall back to the position that while there is some uncertainty, most scientists agree the earth is warming, and given the cause is manmade and the consequences the very survival of life on this planet, caution would suggest that we take what steps we can, while we can. Not to act would be immoral, and we will be judged harshly by history.

4. Republicans are backward and unscientific and hence, fall easily under the corrupting influence of BigEnergy. While biblical references are not suggested, the general tone that this is a goliath and david struggle is helpful.

5. The momentum on regulation is unstoppable. The general strategy here is to demoralize any grass roots opposition that might be captured by BigEnergy, the GOP, fiscal conservatives and/or organizations that claim to defend “individual liberty”. Some practice here is required, as a sense of fate is helpful, but a condescending tone could trigger an unwarranted backlash, especially among the less educated and more poorly informed.

We can still win this one.


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