Living and Learning About Free Health Care in Seattle

About 35% of the US population strongly supports the health care bill. And they tell me that once us dumb rubes really understand that liberal elites know what’s best for the rest of us, we’ll be on fully in board. We just need some book learnin’ an some teachin’ and we be smart like Europeans.

So, in interest of advancing the cause of gun clinging bible thumpers everywhere, lets think like elite liberal progressives and see what we can learn.

 “More care will be available because money that could be delivered as services is wasted on health insurance company overhead and profits.”

 Seems reasonable. They’re greedy bureaucracies, that’s for sure. Everyone hates insurance companies. But a quick read of the financial statements of the companies shows their profits to be insignificant, and total overhead around 20%. It’s hard to imagine a giant federal bureaucracy being less inefficient than 50 medium size private bureaucracies. So we’re going to go backwards on this one.

“Care will not be denied to anyone because government bureaucrats are kind and private sector bureaucrats are greedy.”

Probably true, but not for the reasons stated. Government bureaucracies can’t go out of business. Ever. So there’s no real reason to stop spending other people’s money.

“Care will be cheaper because governments will wring the profit of the rest of the system (i.e. doctors, hospitals, drug companies, research)”

Eventually true, but this requires significant rationing. Conflicts with Care will not be denied… Can’t have both.

“It is better in the aggregate for everyone to have poorer quality care than for some to have good care and others to have poor, or no care.”

One of the most honest, and possibly correct arguments. But curiously, you don’t hear about it much.

“I’ll benefit because the someone else will be giving me their money”

 As honest as the previous, and equally unheard. Works fine as long as the demand for other people’s money doesn’t exceed the supply.


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