Eugene Robinson’s Official Start of the Year of the Slinging of the Mud

Eugene Robinson’s Quiet Desperation

Whether or not he lets himself be persuaded to write more condecending and dishonest op-eds, Eugene Robinson needs to find some way to grow hair. Like everyone else, op-ed writers perform best when they look great. Eugene obviously does not.

You could argue that this is none of my business, but I disagree. Eugene’s problem with his shiny dome ceased being a private matter when he started publishing op-eds with his photo at the top — and it’s not  something you can fail to notice. Male pattern baldness affects 25% of men at  age 30, and 2/3rds by 60. Eugene’s hair loss is as legitimate an issue as the The Media’s Obsession with Obama’s Smoking that President Obama says he has finally kicked.

On rare occasions, Eugene thinks about his hair loss. “I’m really struggling, been struggling for a long time with it,” unnamed sources say he thought briefly while writing an op-ed making the case that Christie’s appearance disqualifies him from public office.

After he wrote the article, Eugene was seen as acknowledging the contradiction between judging individuals on the merit of their values,  words and actions as opposed to how they look. Unnamed researchers attribute this to the psychological stress and loss of self-esteem due to changes in appearance that occur with male pattern baldness.

My intention is not to blame Eugene for his ad hominem attacks on a person he disagrees with. I’m sure Eugene is kind, caring liberal who is simply a victim of a genetic disease entirely out of his control.

But Eugene chose to put his photo at the top of an op-ed in the Washington Post. Well Eugene, heal thyself. Many hair loss sufferers have success with clinically proven treatments such as finasteride, dutasteride and topically applied minoxidil solution.

Politically, I disagree with Eugene on almost everything.  Today, I’d just like to offer him a bit of  unsolicited, heartfeld and at its core motivated by nothing save basic human kindness: get a hat.

Mike Zintel

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