Hope, Change, Resentment, Whatever Works

A few facts on average life expectancy in the USA:

It’s been increasing for decades. From 69.7 years in 1960 to almost 78 years in 2009.

  • It’s increasing for both men and women.
  • Men live less long than women.
  • The gap is closing.

Now one might take this as success. Across the board success.

But happiness doesn’t sell as well as resentment. So the media ran this news into their MiseryOutrage-O-Matic, set the bias control to Everloving Patriarchy and the levels to Election Year. Producing the following bit of bad news:

The rate of increase in lifespan for women has fallen behind mens.

Repeat in lockstep:


When the narrative is weak, it’s critical to stay on message.

In other news, secular liberals congratulate themselves, again, for being more objective, more open minded and indeed more intelligent than Christians because they don’t chant the same mythology over and over and berate those who don’t clap on beat in the hope of convincing themselves and everyone else that it is true.

Besides, it’s not like there’s any other important news in the demographic lifespan data: 


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2 Responses to Hope, Change, Resentment, Whatever Works

  1. And I suppose the “The rate of increase in lifespan for women has fallen behind mens” is our fault too!

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