Post Election Bullshit

Liberals, having gone bare-knuckle to win the election, are trying to quickly pivot to a conciliatory can’t we all just get along message. But they can’t bring themselves to do it.

So we get a lot a lot of condescending passive-aggressive stuff like this: A Letter to Condescending Liberals Bashing Imaginary Conservatives

Conservatives take this advice at their peril. Which is of course the intent.

This election was not fought on substantive matters. And not because there is a shortage of them. The federal government now spends more money than any other government – indeed any other organization – in the history of humanity. And that same government owes more money than any organization in the history of the planet earth. Debt in America at the federal, state, municipal and personal levels is genuinely staggering. And even that doesn’t tell the story of committed but unfunded forward liabilities. There is simply no model going forward where this debt can or will be repaid.

That would seem to be a substantive issue.

We have issued so much debt that people are not really buying it anymore. The government literally creates dollars and sells them to itself. Even though the inflationary effects of this policy are being partially covered up by China’s downward pressure on wages, fall in the value of the dollar as result of this policy is reflected directly in the price of imported gasoline.

That would seem to be a substantive issue.

The USA has substantial amounts of domestic energy. Cheap energy is a major input to economic output and jobs. The “science” behind global warming collapsed over the last 10 years. Green energy hasn’t really worked out.

That would seem to be a substantive issue.

The Obama administration passed a truly massive bill – by way of deception – that a majority still oppose. This bill will, by design, fundamentally restructure the relationship between Americans and the state.

That would seem to be a substantive issue.

A decent chunk of this debt was added over the last 4 years in an attempt to increase economic output and employment based on controversial Keynesian economic principals. It didn’t work. Or perhaps it did, but the real economy is in vastly worse shape than we understand. Youth unemployment is high. The manufacturing and resourcing jobs that have traditionally provided blue collar men and their families a path to the middle class are declining quickly and perhaps permanently. Far too many children are born without fathers and impact is tragic.

It feels like there might a few substantive issues here.

We didn’t talk about many of those things. We talked about Romney’s wealth. About Romney’s dog. About taxpayer funded contraception. About Romney’s wealth. About the “war on women”, whatever that is. Paul Ryan tried to talk about budgets, entitlements, and actually having a fiscally solvent future. That didn’t work. We talked about the rich, and how uncaring they are. We talked about corporations being people, whatever that means. We talked about racism. We talked about gays. And Romney’s wealth. We talked a lot about tax rates, but never with much honesty. And Romney’s wealth.

Now the story is that the GOP lost and will keep losing because the ranks of the young, smart, kind, enlightened are growing as the number of old, white, stupid, angry and mean men are shrinking.

The inevitable triumph of good over evil.


Here’s how team Obama won the second term, and how they will keep winning until conservatives wake up and fight back.

Character assignation: Recall the way George Bush was treated in the second half of his presidency. Village idiot. Liar. Hitler. Now one might assume that this was an overreaction to an unpopular war. But the anti-war, anti-Patriot Act and anti-Gitmo movements evaporated over night when Obama won. Obama replaced waterboarding with remote control death. No anti-remote control death movement emerged.

Some of this can be attributed to people simply giving Obama time to unwind the wars. But some of it was manufactured outrage. Just like Obama’s manufactured outrage in debate #2 that was offered rather than information on dead Americans in Libya.

But the next assignation, Sarah Palin, can’t. Obama was clearly ahead in the polls when Palin arrived on the scene. Taking no chances, the left set aside their historic crusade against misogyny and set out to destroy the entire Palin family. The attacks on Bristol Palin were especially vulgar and cruel. That the left was able to effectively use the “war on women” meme 4 years later demonstrates an impressive level of ruthlessness and hypocrisy.

Herman Cain got the message pretty quickly. Drop out or have your family destroyed in public. No matter than Herman was black. And threat to the liberal establishment will be destroyed.

Romney got $300,000,000 worth of negative ads. “Romney: He’s Not One of Us” style ads.

The democrats have a formula. They keep decent people from running by making the personal cost very high. And it works.

Propoganda: Men oppress women. Whites oppress blacks. Businessmen oppress everyone, because they are greedy and uncaring. The Tea Party is racist. Fox news viewers are dumb. Southerners are dumb. And racist. Midwesterners are dumb. And violent. Christians are dumb oppressors. Oil is evil. Government is kind. Government is scientific. Government is fair. Government is efficient. Government is the defender of the weak against the oppressors.

These messages are repeated often. Without evidence. They are woven into movies. Into comedy. They are reinforced in schools.

And it works. Brainwashing works.

Lies: The Obama administration, and Obama himself, lie with ease. Indeed one of the great Obama skills is the ability to say things that sound both completely reasonable and believable to casual listener, and absurd to the informed listener. The worst of the lies are probably not the most blatant ones, that he will only accept public campaign financing, he will cut the deficit in half, “I will not sign a bill that adds one dime to our deficits – either now or in the future”, he hasn’t raised taxes, Fast and Furious was a Bush era program, the GOP wants to increase military spending, Romney’s tax cut is hike on the middle class, that there no evidence that Benghazi was a terrorist attack, and many others.

The most damaging lies are the ones where Obama presents a position “held” by conservatives that is in fact held by nobody because it is ridiculous. He states that the GOP “wants dirtier air” and that “we’re told by our opponent that since the government can’t do everything, it should do almost nothing”. Obama clearly hangs with a very odd and rare crowd of conservatives. Perhaps they are from the South. Or the Midwest.

Now that the dirty campaigning has worked, the democrats are again whitewashing history to make it seem that they were the gracious voices, driven, perhaps, to flight hard only because “everyone does it”.

Believe it at your peril. Which is of course the intent.


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