Getting on the Right Side of History

Recent polls have shown that public support for gay marriage is at an all-time high. Skeptics of gay marriage are clearly in a bind. On one hand it is clear that many advocates of gay marriage are actually anti-marriage and view gay marriage as clever attack on traditional marriage. But it is also increasingly clear that some consider gay marriage to be a celebration of lifelong loving commitment and seek the social reinforcement that marriage was designed to produce.

The clever thing about gay marriage as an attack is that it makes impossible to separate the two. Objecting to the former makes one simply – mean – in the context of the latter.

It’s time for the backward to throw in the towel. To get on “the right side of history”. To get hip and cool.

For the good reason that some gays want acceptance of commitment.

Celebrate that.

At the same time, this wasn’t what marriage was invented for, and survived thousands of years for, across civilizations around the entire planet for.


Marriage is a tradition designed to curb the wandering tendencies of men with the carrot of a loving lifelong intimate friendship and the stick of divorce court and child support. For the purpose of being fathers to their children. Because the outcome for children is statistically better – much better – when children are raised in a family by their biological mother and father.

At some basic level, everyone knows this. But we choose to ignore it. Sometimes for good reasons.

What we need is a new tradition.

Let’s call it Childarage. It will be like marriage was in that we’ll design social ceremony designed to reinforce the permanence of it. The joy of it. The responsibility of it. And central to the positioning will be that exists for the intention of raising children born to a mother and fathered by a father – like in the mostly usual way.

You’ve got to be a bit lawyerly when dealing with liberals.


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