The Yellow Spotty Bubber Are Alright, The Boaters Not So Much Maybe

A number of people have expressed interest in the outcome of my conversation with N.S. Power. So I thought I’d keep us all up to date here.

A helpful gentleman by the name of Tim called me from N.S. Power this morning. Tim apparently is responsible for at least lake levels in this system. He was very knowledgeable about the situation.

In one of life’s ironies, our boating fate may in fact be in the hands of the small and rare yellow spotty bubber, which goes by the name “Salmon and Gaspereau”, and has the N.S. Dept. of the Environment as their representative.

If I understand what was explained (errors likely mine):

N.S. Power is constrained from letting water into the lake post sometime in June until Aug 15th, for reasons related to fish migration. These kinds of decisions get negotiated at the time of “relicensing” which was 2009 and will be again in 2019.

It’s interesting that my manufactured graph shows this. Indeed my memory is of a sharp drop in summer levels the mid-2000s. Around “re-licensing” time.

Tim’s explanation was so helpful that it took me a couple of hours to wonder why I didn’t ask if they could just add extra water in June so that by Aug 15th my boat wasn’t being ground to dust on the granite bottom and the spotty bubbers too would be happy.

There’s lots of room for water in the lake. The only explanations for the design of this wharf is that 1) either water levels used to be much higher, or 2) someone is a kooky builder.

Who Builds a Wharf Like This

Who Builds a Wharf Like This

The water levels used to be much higher.

Much higher.

Could you add more water to the lake in Jun please?




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