Guns For Dummies

People in gun control countries who live in safe places feel safe because of gun control.

People in the Unites States who live in safe places feel safe because they trust the people in their community.

A very large number of people in the US live in safe places. Surrounded by many gun owners.

It’s counter-intuitive.

Liberals claim to to be objective. Fact based. Not swayed by religion and emotion. They do what works.

The statistics tell us that very large numbers of people in the USA own guns and live among people who own guns, and they experience gun violence at a rate on par with gun control countries. Over the last 30 years the rate of violence in those demographics has dropped while gun ownership has increased. A lot.

From this data an objective person might conclude that the US proves that a majority of the population can and do own guns with low rates of gun violence. One might also conclude – sadly – that some demographics are very violent.

But many pro-gun control liberals don’t conclude this. They conclude, on the basis of no information, that frightened lower middle class white men buy guns because they have low self esteem rooted in sexuality issues. Guns help with this. Apparently. And clinging to the bible, according to the president of not just the blue states, but all the United States.

Frightened and insecure Christian white men with wee junk and well worn bibles cling to their guns and the result of this is tragic rates of violence. The solution to this is to forcibly disarm them.


Meanwhile in a different demographic young men are shooting each other at a heartbreaking rate.

Liberals hold not just the moral high ground but the intellectual high ground too.

Of course gun control is just a proxy war on freedom.

Some liberals, of the modern not-liberal kind, don’t like the word freedom. It gets to the root of what really divides liberals and conservatives. Sometimes they mock it via hyperbole – Absolute freedom is anarchy. Do you want anarchy? Sometimes they redefine it to actually mean coercion – freedom from offense.  Sometimes they mock people who claim to support it but actually accept government redistribution and insurance as hypocrites.

Anything to distract from what reasonable people understand about freedom.

The range of freedom I’m talking abut here is roughly from the United States in the Clinton years to any one of many bankrupt European social democracies.

Not everyone values freedom equally. Freedom requires responsibility. Freedom results in sometimes terribly unequal outcomes in life. The appeal of a government implemented “adult childhood”, where bureaucrats have the means and ability to keep everyone safe and happy is obvious.

Much of what social democracies accomplish is exactly this. Until they become corrupt, incompetent and bankrupt.

Governments, like all organizations, tend to start our small, efficient, responsive and focused. But given enough time they reach the limits of what sprawling bankrupt bureaucracies can practically accomplish. Because most western governments are well beyond this metastasis, they create and promote non-problems they can then “solve”: the War on Drugs, the War on Terror, the War on WomenWar on Science, etc. Anything to keep you from noticing unemployment, debt, inflation, declining middle class quality of life, a system rigged by the very wealthy, etc.

Unfortunately freedom and a system and culture of dependence are not compatible. In order for social democracies to provide a free for everyone adult-childhood like life, bankrupt governments must eventually use fines and imprisonment to relieve most people of most of their income. No absolute new wealth is created doing this, and the total amount of goods and care available to a society remains the same. The belief is that committees of bureaucrats with absolute power will allocate resources with more fairness and efficiency. Except for the very wealthy, individuals taxed and bankrupted to the hilt have no option but to rely on redistribution programs.

Even il-liberals and the ruling class, when pressed, admit gun control in the US won’t save lives. It’s not about that.

Gun control is just a small step in the creation of the culture of dependence needed to sustain an adult-childhood utopia.

History teaches us a fair bit about how this all works out.


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