16934 NE 164TH ST
WOODINVILLE, WA 98072-8953

AT&T Mobility
PO BOX 6416
CAROL STREAM, IL 60197-6416

Re:      Suspension Notice!
            Past Due Amount $353.35

May 23, 2016

Dear AT&T

Thank you for you kind offer to Suspend! our account, and charge us $40.00 to reinstate it.

I assume that normally special offers like this are reserved for people who don’t pay their bills. We are very fortunate, not only being current on our bill, but in fact with you owing us $5.00 you fraudulently charged us, to have the opportunity to have our account suspended.

I should hassle you about the $5.00, but having been an AT&T Wireless customer for about 20 years, I long ago learned that there is not a single person, anywhere in your organization, who can explain not just why a bill never matches what was promised at the time of sale but in fact any part of the bill whatsoever.

As tempting as your offer to suspend our account is, we really haven’t earned it. I feel I have to come clean here:

Jan 10: Billed $242.56, paid $242.56, balance presumably zero
Feb10: Billed $199.02, paid $199.02, balance presumably zero

See a pattern here? If you look back over 20 years, You’ll notice the same pattern.

Feb 10: Mystery $147.45 posted as paid, then reversed in the same month. We didn’t pay this. We have no idea where the $147.45 came from, or why it was posted to our account, but no worries because it was quickly reversed.

Mar 10: Billed $52.57, paid $52.57, balance presumably zero
Apr 10: Billed $199.90, paid $199.90, balance presumably zero

What actually happened is that you under-billed us by the mysterious $147.45, then 2 months later fixed it and tacked on a $5.00 late fee immediately, then followed up quickly with your generous offer to suspend our account for late payment.

Your check was mailed a few days ago, including the $5.00 that we don’t owe you, once we found the time from our day to visit your store and get a non-explanation for the $147.45 and the $5.00.

Your written offer to suspend our account arrived today, May 23rd. I see it was mailed May 19th. And you have generously given us 2 days to get you your money.

I watched your how to pay up now video on your web site, filled in your web form, read the “do not reply” mail that resulted in that, but it’s not so obvious how to contact you so we can resolve the small matter of my $5.00. I’m considering your offer to charge me a “convenience fee” to talk to a human.

I’ll post this letter on my blog and perhaps find a way to share it with someone there.

Each time AT&T Mobility calls my attention to their billing system, I think of my frustration at being repeatedly lied to and overcharged. But the hassle to churn out is so high that I grin and bear it.

Perhaps your kind offer is just what I need.


Thank you

Mike Zintel.

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