How It Works

Liberals still don’t seem to understand how Donald Trump got elected, and perhaps will be elected again.

Ironic, because that’s how we got here.

Liberals believe that in the election of Barack Obama, they (ignoring all the independent and conservative vote for Obama) elected a gentle, kind, wise, intelligent, and very funny man to be president. And rednecks were so incensed at the idea of a black president that they elected Donald Trump as payback.

There’s a little truth here, but not much.

This how the game was played during the Obama administration: The Obamas took the high road, and said mostly benign, secular-pious sounding things that meant whatever you wanted to read into them. And then Holder, Van Jones, Rahm, etc. etc. went bare knuckles. And the entrenched liberal leviathan kept at it, under the radar.

It’s an effective  system. It works. Especially when the president is a brilliant, charismatic speaker.

And it should have continued working. Except that the we are the one’s we’ve been waiting for crowd could not control their arrogance. On the television, Keith Olbermann, John Stewart and Bill Maher, etc. etc. were basking in reality that that the really smart people were finally in charge. And they let everyone know it.

The liberals loved this. It was clever and funny. So clever that they though dumb rednecks didn’t even get it.

Conservatives found it a bit condescending, which it was.

Up until Romney / Palin. That was the point when the funny / clever cloak came off, and many powerful liberals exposed themselves as mean, vulgar, hypocritical narcissists. Somehow, they have erased this memory. Conveniently.

Liberals were angry about Congress. For the next 4 years, the country was subjected to non-stop barrage of condescending meanness. This memory is also gone now. Conveniently.

I never got the sense that Barak was angry. He certainly wasn’t the slightest bit angry about being black. He figured out long ago that the combination of black +  white guilt + genuine charm and talent was his ticket to the good life. $100M in two years after leaving office; what’s to be angry about.

But he was also in love with himself. Perhaps he didn’t plan to ridicule the middle of country, he just didn’t know anything at all about them. And as a life-long privileged elitist, how could he.

But he did.

And everyone followed.

Folks got angry. Anger was in fact the correct response.

And they elected Donald Trump.

Now everyone’s angry at everyone about everything all the time.


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