A Brief History of Corona19 in America

Late Feb 2019: This Might Be Serious

The fundamental change in America was an awakening from 10 years of unseriousness. At some level, everyone understands, and always has, that impeachment was nonsense, there are two genders, global warming is a political movement, and that infinite debt is not OK. But in Jan 2020 lots of people pretended otherwise. Life Care ended all that.

Mar 2019: The New Politics

$3,000,000,000,000 in new debt. Accusations that a lack of a uniformed response in all states would cause untold death. Travel bans are racist. 50,000 ventilators. This is all Trump’s fault, obviously. Millions could die.

Mar 2019: Stepping it Up

Americans, facing a barrage of conflicting guidance (masks, anyone?) and an uncoordinated response, figured out what steps to take, did them, and demonstrated the kind of selflessness an objective person would expect.

Apr 2019: Karen

Despite no real need for heavy handed enforcement, and negative value from preventing distancing at the extreme, the social justice warriors, mostly, transformed into a an army of cop-calling, finger pointing, neighbor outing scolds.

The New Politics continued, with experts in heavily populated blue states accusing lightly populated red states of a reckless selfish ignorance that would kill everyone.

Some people blamed China.

Some people blamed Trump.

The HCQ nonsense.

The bleach nonsense.

The “my Country is better than your county and will be spared” nonsense.

May 2019: The Silent Awakening

Through a combination of some states partial reopening, the de facto reopening that’s happening as people discover that in the broader population, the disease isn’t nearly as deadly as we assumed, compliance with “distancing” began to drop. About 6 weeks into this, the second wave didn’t seem to hit.

Jun 2019: Anger

Then country, indeed the world, is angry. Angry about Covid19. Angry about the lockdowns, job losses. Angry about the unfairness of government picking economic winners and losers. Angry at the rich getting richer, somehow. Bad science. The lack of lockdown compliance, and ignorance that will kill everyone.

Anger, searching for a victim it will stick to. Any victim.

The notion that the entire world is suddenly united in at the injustice that is black life in America, and not just angry and dangerously erratic, is nonsense.

Dangerous nonsense.


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