Are you racist? A Journey in Self-Awareness Thanks to BLM

Perhaps you are watching Black Lives Matter protesters on television destroy a statue of an ex-slave and national leader of the Abolitionist Movement, after defacing the statue of a president who freed black slaves in America and was subsequently killed for it. Perhaps, at the same time you are casually browsing facebook and reading in short reposted memes that anything less than 100% uncritical support for BLM means you are racist. Or you are a Hispanic man who is losing his job for unknowingly making a white power symbol, which wasn’t a white power symbol until created by a 4Chan troll last week. Maybe you are late to pick up the kids because white BLM protesters are waving gleefully as they dance and close streets, waving and grinning back isn’t making getting you closer to your destination and you just are not that good a dancer.

Perhaps you are a racist and some introspection is overdue. After all, who wants to be a racist.

As this is complicated, it might be helpful to look more closely at the various factions of BLM, and test yourself against each. This might be helpful if you, like everyone else, are appalled by the death of George Floyd and want the guilty held accountable, and for this to stop. But you are unsure if looting is the best way to achieve this.

The beginning of this protest cycle was triggered by the innocent until proven guilty but suspiciously guilty-looking Derek Chauvin. If you are for the (apparent) murder of George Floyd, then you might be a racist. This event, unlike the events that triggered a previous protest and looting cycles was not a fake like the killing of Michael Brown, or even slightly ambiguous as in the Eric Garner horror.

The George Floyd killing was wrong,  in the not progressive moral relativism sense of right and wrong – this time right means right and wrong means wrong. But the movement has evolved into multiple sub-factions now, which should be evaluated differently:


The Defund faction is perhaps the most intelligent and thoughtful wing of BLM. Defunding police is a concrete action that personally hurts police officers and their families, which is an effective way to get even with Derek Chauvin. The fact that a police presence likely helps law abiding young male blacks – the largest group in this demographic – and also mothers of these same blacks, and many others, must be cast aside to make things easier for the much smaller demographic of violent young black males who commit a disproportionate amount of crime is cost we must bear for the greater good.

No one wants to be a racist. It’s best to be for this.


While it seems odd to look the other way while violent groups of people, most of whom are not black, destroy public and private property, it’s best to be supportive of this lest they come for you next.

No one wants to be a racist.

Quotas for Millionaires

What Satya seems to be saying here, is that the company will make more purchase, hiring, layoff and promotion and pay decisions based on favoritism wrt to skin color. Now it seems foolish to argue the merit of this here, but somehow it’s hard to imagine this is what was on George Floyd’s mind during his final terrible 8 ½ minute of life. It is likely that most people simply don’t care one way or the other about this, as they are not highly paid employee of tech companies, and couldn’t care less what goes on there.

Aunt Jemima

This is part of an ongoing initiative to control what you think, by teaching you to self-censor your own speech. This is a little confusing as many of the things we cannot say or look at are quite obviously not offensive to anyone, but this is not accidental. The more ridiculous the phrase or image being banned, the more explicit the message of control. Indeed, getting serious people and corporations to pretend to be offended by the improper usage of pronouns is immensely powerful.

It has nothing at all to do with racism.


Looking the other way while people steal is one of the remaining obviously racists things still acceptable in society. The message here is clear –  BLM looters cannot be expected to behave in an honest and civil manner, and should not be held to the same standards. Aunt Jemima and Looters and Statues sometimes work together in odd ways, as when public health experts pretend to believe that Covid19 does not spread in race riots, but does when bowling.

Good luck out there.

Don’t be racist.

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