The Big Words, No Oxford Commas

What is Really Going On Here?

Why the perpetual anger toward white men?

There is a real problem in America with low level offenders and the “criminal justice” system. Once you are arrested and charged, the charge hangs over your head forever. Probation hangs over your head during  job applications  and is too frequently cause for re-arrest. The system seems designed to trap and churn out criminals and ruin lives, and it does.

This goes far beyond the police. It includes lawyers, the courts, lawmakers, prosecutors, probation officers, social workers, and the Jailer Industrial Complex.

There’s reason to be angry about this, and work to change it.

Riots and murder will make it worse. That said, it’s very unclear that today’s riots and murder have anything to do with blacks, and certainly nothing to do with the welfare of blacks.

For the moment, let’s ignore 50 years of the left’s denigration of men, fathers, boys, families and marriage (i.e. the Everloving Patriarchy). Let’s ignore the constant bashing of Christians and churches, including black churches. Also, a culture of dependence on the state and defeat. Bad government schools. Gangs, guns, drugs, and the drug war. Declining opportunity for blue collar workers. The fragmentation of society into the elite, self-important coastal money-tech class, and everyone else.

Let’s also ignore the fact the system is deeply structurally biased toward those with access to massive amount of debt, cheap money, lawyers, bankers and executives. In subtle ways that are difficult to understand. The results are obvious, but the mechanisms (i.e. long term debt, share buybacks, IPOs, crooked accounting, etc.) less so. Blame in on tax rates. Ignore the fact that the government spends more money that it doesn’t have with every passing year.

And then explain it all away by accusing everyone else of racism.

One wonders how we could possibly have gotten here.

Diversity and Inclusion is a term that means gender and race based structural favoritism at hiring, firing and promotion time. The phrase Diversity and Inclusion was invented when too many people figured out that Affirmative Action is a phrase that means gender and race based structural favoritism at hiring, firing and promotion time, which itself was a replacement for the much clearer Quotas.

Indeed, if you are privy to corporate diversity programs, you will recognize the columns of Quotas (sorry, Quotas are illegal – Targets). The language of differences make us stronger is not used so much anymore, as nobody believes it in a climate of thought oppression.

But all is not well in the diverse and inclusive world.

The current wave of gender and race based structural favoritism at hiring, firing and promotion time is predicated on the theory of Intersectionality. Intersectionality is contemporary liberalism’s latest New Testament-esque grand unifying theory. It teaches that every special interest group waging constant war against while men is not as effective as a coordinated assault. And it’s not. Indeed, much ground has been gained under the umbrella. You would be hard pressed to find a government organization or large corporation not waging slow motion low grade bureaucratic war against white men, under the cover of altruism and fairness.

Consider the LGBT wing. It now seems that what gay men wanted all along was to be safe, accepted and not denied opportunity based on their orientation. And, they got it. Score one for the woke. But once achieved, they seemed less interested in being a perpetual victim/quota group. And the left got bored with them as soon as they were no longer a tool in their minds to offend Christians or a victim group.

It’s little unclear what lesbians and bisexuals wanted, but they didn’t get anything. They are lumped into the LGBT column on the corporate / government spreadsheets, which are dominated numerically by gay men. And the entire LGBT group is often mentioned, but not recruited aggressively.

Transsexuals, the latest tool of the Intersectional left, have found themselves gaining no structural advantage at hiring, firing and promotion time, but on a fast conveyer belt to the Industrial Surgical Complex. Now one might wonder if this is compassionate, well thought-out and concerned with the welfare of transsexuals, but in the current climate, one would be wise to wonder that in silence. The Contemporary Intersectional left books no dissent, no freedom of thought. How this squares with Diversity (i.e. differences) is no longer of interest.

Blacks, over the last ten years, have discovered that despite having a dedicated column in the spreadsheets, have made few gains. This is dramatically true in the tech world, where the elites are still dominated by Asian Indians and white men.

Indeed, the real action in D&I is women’s gains at the expense of white men. None of this should be surprising, as the power center of these programs has been feminists at universities and think-tanks, and this group now controls “diversity” programs in corporations and government.

It remains acceptable to publicly discriminate against non-Indian Asians, white men, and Christians, and to privately discriminate against Jews.

How this is inclusive is not explained.

As blacks find themselves either self-selecting out of the tech-moneyed elite, or excluded form it as a result of public education, or excluded from it as a result of racism, they also find that blue collar opportunities are shrinking, and they are increasingly competing with Latinos for a smaller and smaller pie slice.

Latinos are already demographically dominant, and growing increasingly more so. And they are not yet falling in line in their place in the Quilt of Intersectional Victims. If Latinos pass blacks to become yet another demographic to succeed in America, and the tech-moneyed class continues to grow, there will be hell to pay here.

Maybe we should do something different.

Treating people like people, with dignity and respect perhaps?


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