So What’s Next

Moderate centrist democrats older than 35 years old who believe that they voted for a return to a world where most politicians were reasonable adults will be disappointed. These people believe that Donald Trump is the only thing standing in the way of such a world, and that Obama was the archetype of kind, wise and fundamentally decent leader. The elitists of this group understood that Obama was condescending toward the “lower” classes, but thought they were too dumb to get the joke. While it’s tempting to be critical of these folks, I know more than a few Obama fangirls who don’t realize that he wouldn’t give them the time of day in person, for no reason other than they wouldn’t be comfortable ordering from a Thai menu.

But he was “presidential”.

This is one of two groups currently calling for a return to civility. Decorum. A time when republicans like Romney knew how to lose with grace.

These people will be disappointed. And confused. They will not figure it out.

The second group of over 35 democrats are the TDS-afflicted. These are folks for whom politics provide structure for their innate hatred of something. This group is also calling for a return to civility, primarily because they want to sweep their juvenile behavior of the last 4 years under the rug. And they will. Just like they swept their bad behavior toward Bristol Palin under the rug.

This group will not be disappointed, because either they never really believed their own nonsense or don’t have a firm grip on reality. To them, Trump was a symptom, not the cause. They will find another object to hate.

The under 35 democrats who are not just young romantics have no desire for a return to civility. To them, a vote for Biden was a sad compromise given that no one more extreme was running. They assume riots, looting and screaming about white privilege and racism is civility. The odd thing about this group is that they were created by the previous two groups, who assumed they could control them.

This looks unlikely.

Disenfranchised voters, frustrated by what they correctly perceive as a system skewed against them, will be disappointed.

People in other countries, who assume the jobs of the US president is to visit their leaders and smell each other’s farts will likely not be disappointed by Biden, but will find Harris has no time for such stuff.


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