Voter Fraud is a Myth

If you are really, really bored, you might post something somewhere with the phrase “voter fraud” in it.  The actual text of the post doesn’t matter much, unless the post is exactly “these  conspiracy theorists should just read snopes and this study or that study and learn that widespread voter fraud is a myth.

Now you might think that your post might produce the following responses:

“Do you think voter fraud happens?” 
“How often?”
“By whom?”
“Does it matter?”
“How would be learn the truth?”
“How could we prevent it?”

You would be wrong.

What actually happens is a surprisingly well-structured and prompt response that makes the first point below, and some or all of the subsequent points:

You are a conspiracy theorist (i.e. gullible and not too smart).
You have no evidence (this is true).
Here are links to studies and fact-checking sites that proves it isn’t widespread (they don’t).
More rarely, and usually in the form of a link: “you are a racist”.

If you were in fact a conspiracy theorist, you might wonder briefly why these answers are so consistently structured, and how that happens.

In the 30 years I’ve been in America, I notice that the fraudulent election topic comes up from time to time. Every two years, give or take. And the following patterns are always exactly the same. Now any one of these, taken alone, proves nothing. And the sum total of them prove nothing. But they are somewhat curious, to the curious.

Republicans propose structural changes that would make fraud less likely. Democrats disagree with them. They explain that the GOP is trying to make voting too hard for blacks. They never quite explain how their argument, that blacks are incapable or unwilling to show a photo id  to vote is not in itself silly and racist. One presumes that they don’t believe it, but use it because they want to keep cheating.

Democrats never propose structural changes that would make fraud less likely.

In close elections where a republican candidate has a lead that that go into long voter counts, new ballots are always found that swing the election to the democrats.

In this election, a new patten emerged. The democrats preemptively planned for a claim of voter fraud, by asserting that the GOP would make it, and would contest the election.

Some wonder how they knew.

On the charge that no such grand conspiracy theory has been found, none would be necessary. This isn’t how these things would work, if in fact they were occurring.

Voter fraud would be highly distributed. 100,000 of thousands of people, believing they are working for an important cause, are in a position to silently move outcomes a little bit at time. All in the same direction.

The question is, “is this likely to happen?” 

Over the last 4 years, democrats have demonstrated a willingness to believe, or pretend to believe, that Trump had Russian prostitutes pee in him in a bed Obama slept on, that Russians stole the election via fb ads and that Michael Avenatti and Christine Blasey Ford were credible. They are willing to ignore obvious influence peddling by the Bidens and Clintons, but believe they heard it in a few seconds of Trump phone call with Ukraine. They are willing to believe that Trump is responsible for every Covid19 death in America. Perhaps, the world. They deny the existence of Antifa, and believe BLM are looting for justice.

This is a demographic that very much wants power over other people, and feels justified in gaining in. Because they would use this power with more wisdom and decency.

Very much so.


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2 Responses to Voter Fraud is a Myth

  1. Calvin Maynard says:

    You deleted my long, carefully considered reply with links to specific responses to your assertions. I must conclude you are nothing but a hypocritical coward, sir.

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