How to End Voter Fraud

Lawyers are not going to do it. Courts are not going to do it. Democrats and the media, being all in on it, are not going to do it.

The first thing to understand is who does it, and why. Look backward at the values and behavior of the left over the last 4 years. Not just people you see on tv or read about, but people you know. Form an opinion about how many of them would report a duplicate ballot, ignore a few mismatched signatures or get sloppy with voter rolls. And how many would actually forge boxes of ballots, or pocket a thumb drive.

The left is convinced that they are literally fighting evil  – that they are the good – and they will make life better for everyone if they just had more power over other people. They do not respect the integrity of any system that would, could, bring a evil man like Donald Trump to power. The right, for the most part, just doesn’t want them or anyone to have that much power.

It important to understand how fraud actually happens. There is no Dept. of Fraud, or Committee to Commit Widespread Fraud, because none is necessary, and these things would be discovered. Occasionally, a truly obviously corrupt thing like changing to mail in ballots at the last moment is necessary, but democrats can count on the press and their extended organization to control the messaging as needed. But for the most part, election fraud is a highly distributed thing. You really only need to signal where and how much is necessary.

We need to borrow from the computer security practice, and game this out. Smart folks need to examine every step of the voting process with exactly the mindset of someone trying to cheat. This needs to be well-documented. For two reasons:

The first is that the system needs to hardened against fraud, and the only way to approach this is the knowledge of exactly how it happens.

The second is that the right needs to leak these documents in ways that make people believe that – finally – they’ve figured out the con, and could engage in the same con, the same way, with the same success themselves.

This would likely do it, and actually cheating might not be necessary.

Nothing else is going to work.


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