Was Trump “Worth It”? (was: You Never Go Full Smollett)

Trigger warnings: Longer than a tweet or a fb meme. Thought required.

The country is badly divided, and full of hate. Trump did such a terrible job on the important topics of election fraud and Covid19 that he lost the middle. He placed his sad lack of loyalty on full display and armed his opponents. The leftish media, greedy tech companies congress and the White House are now fully aligned and empowered for an old testament level assault on liberty.

Apparently not.

Unity. Now is the time for unity, they say. Unity, racists!, they say.

the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats

It’s important to remind ourselves that the overwhelming majority of conservatives in America do not know what 4Chan is, are not dumb, racist, sexist gun and bible clingers, and do not condone violence or economic / social punishment toward those who disagree with them. The majority of liberals are not so lacking self-awareness and consumed with hatred that they don’t know this. But some are, and with their bigotry amplified by the twitter and fb, they do a great deal of what we might call social injustice.

The amount of hatred on the ignorance networks this week is deeply saddening. And the justification for it, a cause for reasonable people to be concerned.

The odd thing is that we’ve told ourselves for 4 years now that the source of intolerance in America is the racist and sexist “far right” (i.e. your neighbor, two blocks down), led by the buffoonish clown Donald Trump. But Trump is a lame duck now, completely without power, and yet the anger has gone up. Way up.

Why is this? Perhaps conservatives are just too bad to be excused.


One of the recurring patterns in Canadian elections is the post-election calls for the need to set aside differences and work together for the common good. I remember being proud of this civility and decency. It took me long time to notice that “setting aside differences” meant supporting more taxes, a larger civil service and more regulation. And nobody in the governing class really objected to this, because being a member of this class meant decent working hours, a low stress / low effort job, job security, early retirement and good, secure pension, expense accounts, and good bit of handy influence over business and people.

Canadian elections are not really about disagreements in the proper role of and size of government in society. That is a settled issue – nobody cares in the least how you really feel about it, and you have no ability to influence it. The power is fully distributed in the bureaucracy now. Elections used to be about who people believed could steer the leviathan a little more efficiently or fairly, but recently they’ve become  more about celebrity and greed. Each new generation understands and cares less about how government is supposed to work, and how it actually does work. Each generation lives under more regulation, has less freedom and fewer job opportunities. And each generation demand more of exactly that.

US elections are less civil, and less honorable. There is a lot more money at stake. The government class is less a group of people, and more system of coercion and collusion that includes corporations including the media and law firms, the education industry, non-profits, lobbyists, and the government itself. It’s worth reflecting on the fact that the the US government is Microsoft’s single largest customer.

Legal methods like trading “advice”, “speaking fees”, book and movie deals, board positions, non-profit foundations and others can net an ambitious political family like the Clintons $300 million, relative pikers like the Bidens a few 10s of millions,  the Obamas and Gores, $100 million. Run of the mill congressmen can easily make a few 10s of millions. And layers of staff, lawyers PR people and others around them do well too. One thing this election proved, clearly, is that the public couldn’t care less about any of this.

Politicians have to choose between a comfortable, easy life in exchange for just keeping quiet about the system, or working  to make it less corrupt, failing to achieve much, and ultimately losing power after being betrayed by their other friends in power.

While it sounds counter-intuitive, given that Donald Trump appears to place little value on integrity, loyalty and principal, the 4 year wave of hatred that was engineered against him was in no small way a result of the fact that he was not willing to be compromised by the swamp. It’s unclear exactly what his end game was, or if there was one, or if simply enjoyed messing with people, but he is far less compromised than the Bidens are. Joe’s range of motion will be severely restricted by the knowledge that he is deeply in debt to those that covered for him, and those that finance his family’s lifestyle.

Albert Bourla’s assertion that his timing of the news of a vaccine – one week after the election – after Pfizer had benefited from a large federal order, had nothing to do with politics, was not just a tribute to voter’s gullibility, but a statement that the swamp had prevailed against Donald Trump. It’s worth noting that Trump did not break Pfizer ‘s confidence about the vaccine’s progress, something he almost certainly knew about. And the current wave of deplatforming (i.e. removing their source of income) of conservatives at scale by tech companies is both a warning, and a signal of power. Tech companies, like the old media before them, can make or break you as a politician, and truth is not important as they can easily create monsters and heroes at will.

It was interesting to watch Microsoft, a company with very lefty employees and leadership, go quiet about Trump after the JEDI contract. And Amazon to sue, as soon as they saw Trump losing power. The purchase of Washington Post was far more “business”-savy than most people understand. I expect some sort of brokered deal between the companies, with the cover story that security and availability requires diversity of underlying systems.

And voters don’t care, or are actually for this level of corruption. Biden’s pre-selection assertion that he would not even consider a man for the VP and likely president role was a signal that you can expect the government and corporations to continue to create advantage for women at the expense of men. This alone likely bought him 5-10M votes.

Trump angered another group of people beyond the DC money crowd.

Over the last 50 years liberals have made steady inroads into the bureaucracy over nearly every organization: government, business, “non-profits”,  media, entertainment, academia, Christian churches. For 30 years of this long march, they have projected humility, altruism in the form of concern for the weak, unlucky, or disadvantaged. The perception, supported in no small way by some truth and a strong conviction that they on the right side of history – the good side – but still fighting more powerful forces, was one of a David and Goliath battle. Somewhere along the way liberals failed to notice that they had won. Indeed, the battle became more important than the results, and liberals were corrupted by power as everyone is corrupted by power.

Liberals have amassed huge power. They “educate” the children, shape values via the news and entertainment industries, use the law strategically to further their agenda, and decide who gets funded, hired, promoted or fired.

Over the last 6 or 8 election cycles, a pattern has emerged, growing more intense with every cycle. Preceding the election, the left, in the words of Eric Holder,  “When they go low, we kick them”. In fact, there’s a fair bit of kicking going on even if they don’t go low. And as they hurl unwarranted insults – always the same ones – at the right, they claim that it is actually the right that is doing this. Or “started it”. They have been forced by some injustice into a defensive offense.

Good grief.

After the election, all the nastiness is immediately forgotten. Not in the rhetorical sense – it is literally forgotten. It never happened. People forget what they said about Sarah Palin’s children, about Romney and many others. In fact it realty doesn’t matter who you are or what your record and values are; the rhetoric is simply necessary to defeat you so power can be maintained in the hands of the good people. To do good with.

Teabagger: Remember that one?

With Donald Trump they may have encountered the first candidate worthy of the level of contempt they had been handing out for decades.

If you don’t bring this up, maybe you won’t be next on the layoff list. If you do bring it up that is proof that you were and are the root of the problem all along.

Along with amnesia, the left also selectively reverts into a wounded position. They were and are being injured somehow, by your words. This is of course entirely fake and simply a tool to manipulate you.

If you doubt this, and reading the news, or the fb walls of liberals this week doesn’t convince you, here’s a little test you can do at home. Cut and paste the following into you fb status, and leave it there. Make sure your coworkers and colleagues see it too. And then watch the reaction:

While I am happy to see Trump marched off the stage in defeat, I sometimes wonder if in our zeal to defeat him we went too far. He didn’t start any new wars, doesn’t appear to have used his position for business gain as we feared he would, and did deliver a Covid19 vaccine in a year, as he promised. While these things don’t excuse his racism, intolerance toward LGBT and sexism and clownish behavior on the world stage, I am not sure we are completely blameless for acrimony know threatening to tear the country apart. Did we go too far?

We all know what the result will be.

But something different happened this cycle. The left lost, to a clown, that they had promoted during the primaries as an in-joke on the right.

Before Donald Trump had an opportunity to troll them, the left lost their shit. Then he trolled them mercilessly for 4 years. And they lost their shit. For 4 years. Decades of a formula that was working were dumped in favor of blatant dishonestly and an ugly nastiness that be very hard to put back in the bottle. It was ugly. The left behaved very badly.

If you doubt this, try this test:

Ask a liberal if the impeachment of Donald Trump was merited. Worth it.

Then, after the answer, ask what is was that got him impeached?

Now, repeat this a few times and compare the answers to the second question.

That will tell you want you need to know about the left’s honesty, objectivity and level of information.

We all know what the result will be.

Ironically Joe Biden was trying to clean this mess up and go back to the old successful formula. He tried, for a bit to call for unity. Unity, to the left, is where you forget all the things they did during the election, agree with everything they now assert to be true, and maybe you get to keep your job.

But even Biden couldn’t do it. His tweet about the hypothetical difference between how the capital protesters where treated and how BLM would have been treated was not just insulting, given that it’s not hypothetical – we know they answer – and BLM wasn’t shot and killed by the police despite 4 months of rioting, looting and murder. It was another baseless accusation of racism.

Conservatives a have some serious decisions to make here. The anger that got Trump elected was merited. And Trump was one of the very very few willing to fight an appallingly nasty opposition. But he didn’t have a plan, or a road map, he failed to understand that loyalty matters, he didn’t take good advice, and he repeatedly rearmed his opposition rhetorically. Trump’s treatment of Barr and Pence and I suspect many others was disgraceful.

A repeat of this, with each side taking it more the extreme don’t seem like a good choice. A return to the old way – surrender with decorum like Romney, doesn’t seem like a good choice either.


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