TDS, Revisited

I’ve been trying to understand the real causes of Trump Derangement Syndrome for the two years it took to develop a reasonable working theory.

It’s all been swept into the memory hole now, having done the job, but many of us still remember the madness: The fake Steele Dossier, fake Michael Avenatti, fake impeachment, the fake charges against Flynn, the confused Mueller, the weaponization of Coivd19 against Trump, and many others. It’s a little hard now to believe anyone would be fooled by such obvious nonsense, but half the country and a many other counties were. Or pretended to be.

At a more personal level, I watched  seemingly compassionate, moderate, sane people completely lose their everloving minds. This wasn’t a thoughtful objection to policy, or Trump’s erratic behavior, petty vindictiveness, bizarre communication style, casual relationship with truth, or any other of his undesirable qualities. Many of his supporters held their noses at those things.

We know this now because Biden clearly is as petty and vindictive as Trump, and he gets a free pass.

But they didn’t hate him. The TDS people hated him. A mass, visceral hatred I had never seen before. A hatred that was not swayed in the least by facts, or reality. A hatred that made destroying friendships and families a noble cause. A genuinely frightening hatred.

Once the TDS had set in, minds slammed shut to any information that would question the pure evil that was this man. He became an enemy of the LGBTs, and a racist – especially toward blacks. At the peak of the insanity, he was an anti-Semite, despite moving  the embassy, and having a Jewish son in-law and daughter.

To be fair, Trump said hurtful things toward Latin American illegal immigrants while he was running, and a good case could be made that he was a racist toward these groups. I rather doubt it – I think the issue was mass illegal immigration – but I can understand why people think otherwise.

As for the racism toward blacks or animosity toward LGBT, there isn’t a scrap of evidence, and much evidence to the contrary. He passed a long promised and never delivered but overdue  prison reform bill that benefited jailed blacks, mostly. He worked to create jobs for everyone, including blacks, and either did it, and/or took credit for it happening anyway. He seemed indifferent to the LGBT community, which perhaps is bad. But he clearly didn’t have an axe to grind there.

Yet we heard that he was hater. Every. Single. Day.


For a while I thought maybe he projected some sort of creepy Uncle Ernie vibe that women picked up on, but I was missing. Like Biden does now.

So I asked.

The answer was consistent: “Children in cages, and pussy grabbing”.

That was something to work with. Children in cages was silly to anyone without TDS with a modicum of curiosity and reading comprehension, but it was clear that once the disease set in, it slammed the mind shut. Hard. And the only information that got in was anything that kept the hatred going. Accuracy was not important to the TDS afflicted.

Maybe is was an Uncle Ernie thing, or offense at his vulgarity. But on reflection, the many of the TDS crowd were pretty vulgar themselves, in a juvenile attempt to offend imaginary Christians that lived in their heads, and the rest gave them a free pass. I don’t think anyone was actually offended.

But then I thought carefully about the Access Hollywood event, and what he said: “They let you do it.” Now this is certainly not my area of personal expertise, but I have observed over a lifetime that some women do indeed behave this way around famous, rich or powerful people. I assume everyone knows this, and thankfully decorum stops us pointing it out.

He pointed it out.

He’s rude.

But that still didn’t quite explain the magnitude of the TDS wave.

Like most people, I figured he was toast after that event, and I wasn’t sad. There was a good slate of GOP candidates in that election, and a few of them would have made good presidents. Besides, like most people, I assumed he would blow it and we’d get 16 years of Hillarybama.

That’s not what happened.

He apologized, sort of. He didn’t flinch. He didn’t back down.

This is root of TDS. The baby boomer left had been infiltrating every institution for my entire lifetime. They were patient, subtle, determined and very intentional. By the time Obama was elected, they had introduced an insidious form of racism and sexism, which was actually a tool to create structural advance in hiring, pay and promotions for lefties like them, and cleverly disguised it as anti-racism, everywhere. They were influential at the top levels of power, through a carrot and stick strategy best described by the reporter Nina Burleigh, “I’d happy to give [Bill Clinton] a blowjob just to thank him for keeping abortion legal.”, with a side of would you like to keep your job?

Allies = insurance. For a while.

They controlled pop culture, and had a brilliant run at programming people through satire, humor and music.

And Obama was the Messiah. It’s hard to describe this any better than the demi-god himself: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

Trump was genuinely dangerous. Not like McCain or Romney, who didn’t even need a blowjob but fell for a fake promise to be an honorable lefty, if they played along.

He didn’t back down.

Now the reason that this was bad is that it turns out that half the country wasn’t down for this agenda, and found themselves powerless and mocked. For decades. And getting worse.

Everyone, except me it seems, got it immediately. The entire century long progressive agenda to destroy freedom in the Western world and create a new class of authoritarian ruling royalty was at risk. The pitchforks might come out.

So they crushed him. And then they crushed a handful of goofy people taking selfies in capital. A show execution.

Problem solved. Polite people don’t talk about any of this much, I presume because they are embarrassed at their behavior. And it worked.



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