Brainwashed by Mobile Phone

Over the last few years, right-leaning media and the RNC have been sharing short clips of Jen Psaki spinning obvious lies with a sincere fake authenticity. Jen was bright, quick-witted and very good at her job. She understood the questions, the reasons for those questions and the consequences of various answers. She could recall and defend the day’s talking points, pretend to not understand/hear a question, stall, deflect and lie with ease as needed. Everyone was in on it. She knew she was lying. You knew she was lying. She knew you knew. It was institutionalized deceit and deception.

Karine Jean-Pierre, a black lesbian immigrant who replaced Psaki is not very good at her job. For most of my adult life, I would have not added the “black lesbian immigrant annotation to the name KJP, because these things should not be relevant to doing the job, and perhaps might be seen by some, including myself, as purely private matters. But the Brandon Group proudly made it an election promise during the primaries to disqualify the largest pool of potential candidates for Vice President of the United States of America in favor of a black women. And we got Kamala Harris, a person not good at her job. Not good at all.

If you are still having trouble understanding the system here, the Brandon Group gave you Rachel Levine, Nina Jankowicz and Sam Brinton. Elizabeth Warren lied to gain preferable advantage over the very people the system she abused was designed to help. The most recent supreme court judge, a black woman, is apparently too cognitively and educationally feeble to know what a women is, but is qualified to be a Supreme Court judge for life. This is of course all institutionalized nonsense, and everyone knows it. Ketanji Brown Jackson knows exactly what a woman is, but choose to lie about it. Like Jen, KJP, Brandon and Trump before her. Smooth dishonestly is pre-req for the job.

Still not getting it? Admiral Rachel Levine. Admiral of what?

They are laughing at you.

From this experience, we can learn little to nothing about the suitability of woke activists at various other jobs, but we can learn a great deal about the results of the process of woke quotas hiring. None of this should be a surprise to thinking people – omitting the largest pool of potential applicants and awarding jobs without consideration as to ability, experience, motivation doesn’t seem to lead to hiring the most qualified people. There’s even a name for the distasteful quality of expecting people to be able to do their job – Ableism.

What if this not all just incompetence? What if it’s by design? KJP takes less flak for doing her job poorly than Psaki did for the simple reason that she just seems so pathetic. And, with her boss setting the bar for incompetence she doesn’t seem all that bad by comparison. It’s easy to forget that these are some of the most important and powerful people in the world, doing a job that affects billions of people.

There are lots of reasons people vote democrat, but people who feel disenfranchised make a up a sizable number of them, and the party cultivates and courts these people. According to exit polls, young people and single women swung the midterms for democrats.

In 2012, the Obama campaign ran a visual flat art styled ad featuring the entire life of a single women, raising a fatherless child, supported by other people who earn money and pay taxes. Julia, by voting democrat, had replaced her hypothetical financial dependance on a husband and the shared ownership / work split that that is marriage with complete dependance on other taxpayers, whose money was being forcefully taken from them and their families and given to Julia.

The response from the far right to this ad was needlessly unkind mockery, sympathy, and explanations about how this doesn’t work at scale financially, economically, socially etc.

The common assumption was that real life Julia wouldn’t be aware of this, and pointing it out would be enough to have her, wisely, not choose it.

What was the alternative being offered? Was it better? How?

What if Real Julia(tm) was aware of the sadness and unfairness of this life, having lived by the rules of feminists for her entire life, in an increasingly feminized and castrated society that wouldn’t allow even questions about what was being gained, and what was being lost from all of this, and why.

A pattern common to most once free western social democracies as they devolve toward increasingly coercive methods of enforcing the currently popular definition of justice is that the first few generations initially see genuine benefit from these methods and values but over time the deal changes.

Looking at this from a narrow economic angle, giving money to retirees by taking money from younger working employees, when there are many more in the workforce is a great deal for the first few generations of old folks. Spending the unearned income of unborn future generations is similarly a great deal for the living, and this continues until the math of stealing more from the unborn simply doesn’t work anymore.

Individuals may notice that, over generations, increasingly larger amounts of money are power are demanded by the ever-growing bureaucratic governing class, with steadily diminishing results, and that it doesn’t seem to matter much who wins elections. This is in part the predictable and repeatable pattern of inefficiency and inflexibility that is the result of all large scale bureaucracies over time, and in part the depletion of other people’s money to spend now.

And yet, people continue to “vote against their own economic interests”, as rich coastal liberals explain, and are uneducated hypocrites for accepting government handouts at the same time as they vote against them in principal.

Just as the first few generations benefited out of proportion to their contributions, any generation that moves to end this cycle not only has to pay for the money already spent by the Boomers, they don’t gain even parity when it’s their turn. They pay twice. At least. But it’s worse than this. The relentless increase in taxes to not even quite pay for progressive economic policy greatly reduces everyone’s buying and saving power. One discovers that in high tax Western Europe, Canada, and increasingly the USA, even two good incomes is often not enough to save for retirement, raise a family and pay expected healthcare costs.

Not leveraging the system, even as it slowly fails, is not an option. You are paying either way. Multiple times.

It shouldn’t be hard to understand why the younger few generations feel slighted. They did what they were told: took on student loan debt, got some degrees, deferred or cancelled marriage for children and bought into the whole social justice quota system. And yet they, correctly,  don’t see home ownership as ever being possible where it was just assumed by their boomer parents. If they got lucky and had rich well-connected parents or were born with the skills to be successful in STEM or medicine, or they hit it big as an influencer or crypto gambler, they were on easy street. Everyone else senses there is something grossly unfair going on, but they can’t figure out exactly how it all works. They are easy prey for Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, AOC and rest of Grifters, Inc. Their votes were bought first time with a lie that they would be getting a second stimulus check and some good weed.  The second, time, for the lie that student loan debt would be transferred to someone else to pay. And weed. Young people are especially easy to manipulate because they are not yet cynical, because they don’t yet understand human nature, and give people the benefit of the doubt. Bless them.

The ruling class doesn’t want you to figure any of this out, and so they fill your heads with dangerous nonsense like environmental justice, pregnant men, the ever loving patriarchy, white supremacy, the end of democracy, pandemic of the unvaccinated, and don’t look at this war over here and if you do – they are the invader (not like the USA in Iraq). They browbeat you into believing all this, or pretending to believe it for fear of being shamed, not hired, not promoted, fired or laid-off.

Correctly. Progressives are the authoritarians now.

We are attempting to run a grand experiment. One where we attempt to run an advanced society without any shared notion of observable reality.

It might work.


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