A Pocket Guide to Orthodox New York Times Liberalism

NYT Liberals aspire to a social laissez faire live and let live society. They are ever vigilant not just to outright intolerance and oppression of the unfortunate, the weak or the out of the mainstream, but even to the more subtle and dangerous behaviors of condescension such as holding a door rather than slamming it in someone’s face.

NYT Liberals aspire to create a world of universal freedom via the mechanism of obtaining absolute power over others that they will then use to prevent authoritarianism from trampling on freedoms.

Except their authoritarianism, of course.

This leads to some self-inconsistent positions. Some of these positions are obvious and reasonable, such as the necessity of a vulgar personal attack on the 18 year old daughter of a conservative women running for vice president of the United States on a ticket that was competing with – in the words of great NYT Liberal Harry Reid – “a light-skinned African American with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one”.

Occasionally NYT Liberals’ relentless battle against the oppressive patriarchy has to be suspended to obtain the power needed to resume the relentless battle against the oppressive patriarchy.

But sometimes the choices are not as simple. Hillary Clinton, a lifelong card carrying member of the NYT Liberals, with honors, found that she too was cast aside too when she threatened the ascension to power of a charming black liberal.

Blacks may soon discover their proper place with respect to Hispanics in the NYT Liberal quilt of victims. Votes matter in the quest for repressive tolerance.

Years of organizing coalitions of overlapping groups of the unfortunate, the weak, the out of the mainstream and the oppressed, in the pursuit of absolute authoritarianism that can be used to promote universal freedom and choice have produced a matrix of victims and oppressors so complex that nobody really knows where they stand.

In order to simplify this, the following short self-evaluation can be used to determine any social groups relative standing in the victim/oppressor matrix (VOM).

Each person starts with VOM score of 100. When all factors have been considered, an adjusted VOM score can be determined simply.

Victims have lower scores. Oppressors, higher:

Men = 100 Women = 100
Baptist/Protestant + 10 +7
Catholic +7 +10
Mormon +15 +12
Atheist /  Buddhist   / Yoga -15 -15
Scientologist 0 0
White +15 +4
Black -7 -10
Hispanic -10 -13
Asian Indian 0 0
Asian Chinese / Korean +6 +3
Single mother N/A -25
Absent father +10 N/A
Hunter / NRA member +17 +3
Feminist -9 -6
Gay man -9 N/A
Lesbian N/A -7
etc. -2 -2
Redneck +8 +3
Beard / Goatee -4 -2
Prius driver -5 -5
Volt driver 0 0
Leaf driver -7 -7
Suburban driver +8 +1
Hummer driver +14 +14
Rich celebrity -12 -12
Rich businessperson +15 +22
Insane shooter of soldiers in Texas +3 N/A
Insane bomber of liberals in Boston +20 N/A
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Getting on the Right Side of History

Recent polls have shown that public support for gay marriage is at an all-time high. Skeptics of gay marriage are clearly in a bind. On one hand it is clear that many advocates of gay marriage are actually anti-marriage and view gay marriage as clever attack on traditional marriage. But it is also increasingly clear that some consider gay marriage to be a celebration of lifelong loving commitment and seek the social reinforcement that marriage was designed to produce.

The clever thing about gay marriage as an attack is that it makes impossible to separate the two. Objecting to the former makes one simply – mean – in the context of the latter.

It’s time for the backward to throw in the towel. To get on “the right side of history”. To get hip and cool.

For the good reason that some gays want acceptance of commitment.

Celebrate that.

At the same time, this wasn’t what marriage was invented for, and survived thousands of years for, across civilizations around the entire planet for.


Marriage is a tradition designed to curb the wandering tendencies of men with the carrot of a loving lifelong intimate friendship and the stick of divorce court and child support. For the purpose of being fathers to their children. Because the outcome for children is statistically better – much better – when children are raised in a family by their biological mother and father.

At some basic level, everyone knows this. But we choose to ignore it. Sometimes for good reasons.

What we need is a new tradition.

Let’s call it Childarage. It will be like marriage was in that we’ll design social ceremony designed to reinforce the permanence of it. The joy of it. The responsibility of it. And central to the positioning will be that exists for the intention of raising children born to a mother and fathered by a father – like in the mostly usual way.

You’ve got to be a bit lawyerly when dealing with liberals.


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The United States of EggVille

Imagine a society where the only thing of value is eggs. This is a society where food, transportation, retailing  – everything except eggs – are in infinite supply and therefore effectively free. The only thing people value, produce and trade is eggs.

One day EggVille decides to introduce a currency to facilitate the sale and purchase of eggs without involving actual eggs. A convenience. At the time of introduction of this currency there are 10 eggs in existence. And so they introduce ten dollar bills, and peg the price of eggs at one dollar each.

The following month 5 more eggs are produced, and none consumed. Now there are 10 dollars but 15 eggs. The people with the dollars discover that they can negotiate a lower price for eggs, since there are more eggs than dollars. The price of eggs falls. People who loan dollars profit beyond the interest rate charged because they get paid back in more valuable dollars – dollars that can buy more eggs because eggs are cheaper. And people in debt discover that they actually owe more in terms of buying power than they expect.

This is called deflation.

The village elders of EggVille decide that the solution is to issue more dollars. One additional dollar per egg. The price of eggs remains constant – since there is no actual demand for eggs, and the number of dollars tracks the actual production of eggs.

But the people of EggVille discover that eggs are tasty, and begin to eat them. As they eat them, the price rises, since there are fewer of them. The village elder decide, wisely, not to expand and reduce the supply of dollars as eggs are consumed since the price should go up. They are more valuable. And a higher price will incent more people to create them.

Now the elders have a problem. They can’t figure out how many dollars should be issued to achieve price stability except for changes in supply and demand – where price stability isn’t desired.

So they create the Federal Reserve, and empower it to control the supply of dollars, based on all kinds of complex simulations.

Unfortunately the elders, in an attempt to stay popular, borrow money from the neighbor village, GiantEggLand, and give it to the people of EggVille in exchange for exactly nothing. Now what should happen is that this is highly inflationary. More dollars for the same number of eggs. So prices rise. But this isn’t what happens, because GiantEggLand has the ability to produce truly massive numbers of eggs for a very low cost, owing to their large population of peasants.

So for a while this works. The people of EggVille get free dollars to purchase cheap eggs. And the people of GiantEggLand get richer.

But eventually EggVille owes far more to GiantEggLand than they can possible hope to repay.

But the wise elders discover that by issuing truly massive numbers of dollars – far more dollars than makes sense given the number of eggs, they can “repay” loans in increasingly worthless dollars.

This is called inflation.

Because it is so fundamentally broken and dishonest, the elders need to cloak it in a fancy sounding name.

This is called quantitative easing.

It’s so fancy that you can’t understand it. You simply have to trust Paul Krugman.

The elders, seeing that this would eventually cause the dollar to be become worthless, and realizing that GiantEggLand would stop loaning anything to EggVille, or demand a 50% interest rate to compensate for the worthless dollars, bought gold.

The elders will be OK.

Pay attention to the price of gas. You are getting poorer because the dollars are becoming worthless.

This is how we will “repay” the 16 trillion. In worthless dollars.

The rich will be OK.


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Post Election Bullshit

Liberals, having gone bare-knuckle to win the election, are trying to quickly pivot to a conciliatory can’t we all just get along message. But they can’t bring themselves to do it.

So we get a lot a lot of condescending passive-aggressive stuff like this: A Letter to Condescending Liberals Bashing Imaginary Conservatives

Conservatives take this advice at their peril. Which is of course the intent.

This election was not fought on substantive matters. And not because there is a shortage of them. The federal government now spends more money than any other government – indeed any other organization – in the history of humanity. And that same government owes more money than any organization in the history of the planet earth. Debt in America at the federal, state, municipal and personal levels is genuinely staggering. And even that doesn’t tell the story of committed but unfunded forward liabilities. There is simply no model going forward where this debt can or will be repaid.

That would seem to be a substantive issue.

We have issued so much debt that people are not really buying it anymore. The government literally creates dollars and sells them to itself. Even though the inflationary effects of this policy are being partially covered up by China’s downward pressure on wages, fall in the value of the dollar as result of this policy is reflected directly in the price of imported gasoline.

That would seem to be a substantive issue.

The USA has substantial amounts of domestic energy. Cheap energy is a major input to economic output and jobs. The “science” behind global warming collapsed over the last 10 years. Green energy hasn’t really worked out.

That would seem to be a substantive issue.

The Obama administration passed a truly massive bill – by way of deception – that a majority still oppose. This bill will, by design, fundamentally restructure the relationship between Americans and the state.

That would seem to be a substantive issue.

A decent chunk of this debt was added over the last 4 years in an attempt to increase economic output and employment based on controversial Keynesian economic principals. It didn’t work. Or perhaps it did, but the real economy is in vastly worse shape than we understand. Youth unemployment is high. The manufacturing and resourcing jobs that have traditionally provided blue collar men and their families a path to the middle class are declining quickly and perhaps permanently. Far too many children are born without fathers and impact is tragic.

It feels like there might a few substantive issues here.

We didn’t talk about many of those things. We talked about Romney’s wealth. About Romney’s dog. About taxpayer funded contraception. About Romney’s wealth. About the “war on women”, whatever that is. Paul Ryan tried to talk about budgets, entitlements, and actually having a fiscally solvent future. That didn’t work. We talked about the rich, and how uncaring they are. We talked about corporations being people, whatever that means. We talked about racism. We talked about gays. And Romney’s wealth. We talked a lot about tax rates, but never with much honesty. And Romney’s wealth.

Now the story is that the GOP lost and will keep losing because the ranks of the young, smart, kind, enlightened are growing as the number of old, white, stupid, angry and mean men are shrinking.

The inevitable triumph of good over evil.


Here’s how team Obama won the second term, and how they will keep winning until conservatives wake up and fight back.

Character assignation: Recall the way George Bush was treated in the second half of his presidency. Village idiot. Liar. Hitler. Now one might assume that this was an overreaction to an unpopular war. But the anti-war, anti-Patriot Act and anti-Gitmo movements evaporated over night when Obama won. Obama replaced waterboarding with remote control death. No anti-remote control death movement emerged.

Some of this can be attributed to people simply giving Obama time to unwind the wars. But some of it was manufactured outrage. Just like Obama’s manufactured outrage in debate #2 that was offered rather than information on dead Americans in Libya.

But the next assignation, Sarah Palin, can’t. Obama was clearly ahead in the polls when Palin arrived on the scene. Taking no chances, the left set aside their historic crusade against misogyny and set out to destroy the entire Palin family. The attacks on Bristol Palin were especially vulgar and cruel. That the left was able to effectively use the “war on women” meme 4 years later demonstrates an impressive level of ruthlessness and hypocrisy.

Herman Cain got the message pretty quickly. Drop out or have your family destroyed in public. No matter than Herman was black. And threat to the liberal establishment will be destroyed.

Romney got $300,000,000 worth of negative ads. “Romney: He’s Not One of Us” style ads.

The democrats have a formula. They keep decent people from running by making the personal cost very high. And it works.

Propoganda: Men oppress women. Whites oppress blacks. Businessmen oppress everyone, because they are greedy and uncaring. The Tea Party is racist. Fox news viewers are dumb. Southerners are dumb. And racist. Midwesterners are dumb. And violent. Christians are dumb oppressors. Oil is evil. Government is kind. Government is scientific. Government is fair. Government is efficient. Government is the defender of the weak against the oppressors.

These messages are repeated often. Without evidence. They are woven into movies. Into comedy. They are reinforced in schools.

And it works. Brainwashing works.

Lies: The Obama administration, and Obama himself, lie with ease. Indeed one of the great Obama skills is the ability to say things that sound both completely reasonable and believable to casual listener, and absurd to the informed listener. The worst of the lies are probably not the most blatant ones, that he will only accept public campaign financing, he will cut the deficit in half, “I will not sign a bill that adds one dime to our deficits – either now or in the future”, he hasn’t raised taxes, Fast and Furious was a Bush era program, the GOP wants to increase military spending, Romney’s tax cut is hike on the middle class, that there no evidence that Benghazi was a terrorist attack, and many others.

The most damaging lies are the ones where Obama presents a position “held” by conservatives that is in fact held by nobody because it is ridiculous. He states that the GOP “wants dirtier air” and that “we’re told by our opponent that since the government can’t do everything, it should do almost nothing”. Obama clearly hangs with a very odd and rare crowd of conservatives. Perhaps they are from the South. Or the Midwest.

Now that the dirty campaigning has worked, the democrats are again whitewashing history to make it seem that they were the gracious voices, driven, perhaps, to flight hard only because “everyone does it”.

Believe it at your peril. Which is of course the intent.


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Balancing the Budget on the Backs of the Rich

One of the lies coming from team Obama is that the “Bush Tax Cuts” played an important role in the deficit and debt situation we are in today and that reversing them is an important step toward a balanced budget.

Now ignoring the fact that the current tax rates have been in effect for 12 years, and that every year since then congress and the president ignored the amount of money collected from taxes and chose to borrow spend more yet somehow this is a revenue and not a spending problem, is it true that the tax cuts “for the rich” were to blame?

The red line on the graph below represents total government outlays in constant 2005 dollars and the green line taxes collected. Clearly we spend more than we collect in taxes and the gap is widening quickly.

The purple line is my calculation of the impact of increasing the actual tax rate paid of the top 25% of wage earners by 3% retroactive to 2001. In 2009, the top 25% paid 87% of all income taxes (source: IRS) so this represents “most” of the taxes collected. I calculated the additional tax for the year 2009 and then added this constant amount to the actual tax collected for each year. There’s obviously an error here, in that the total adjusted gross income for the top 25% changes each year but I think the error is small.

The purple line come nowhere close to balancing the budget. In fact it doesn’t have much effect at all.

The light cyan (blue) line shows that to balance the budget on the backs of the rich we’d need to increase the actual tax rate paid by 20 percentage points – to nearly 60% of income for folks without capital gains. And this assumes that doing so would have no impact on economic productivity or cheating which of course is wrong.

Spending has been growing on average by 6.25% / year since 2001.

GDP and personal income is not growing this fast – hence the split between the red line and the green lines.

The graph below projects what spending will do if it continues to grow at 6.25% year. I’ve included essentially flat tax projections for a visual reference. Now in practice these would be different as they would track GDP.

But there’s no scenario where spending increases by 6.25% / year and the income of the top 25% doesn’t increase by 6.25% / year or more where we don’t go bankrupt. Raising rates – even by a huge amount – doesn’t do it.

I will point out that the top 25% pay 87% of all income taxes but in 2010 income taxes are only 42% of the total tax base (source: www.whitehouse.gov/omb). Another 40% are extremely regressive payroll taxes that nearly everyone who works pays.

When the government  has tapped out the rich, which will happen very quickly, where do you think they will turn to next?

Team Obama paints themselves as the alternative to the ruinous Bush fiscal policy. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are a doubling down on the ruinous Bush fiscal policy.





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Hope, Change, Resentment, Whatever Works

A few facts on average life expectancy in the USA:

It’s been increasing for decades. From 69.7 years in 1960 to almost 78 years in 2009.

  • It’s increasing for both men and women.
  • Men live less long than women.
  • The gap is closing.

Now one might take this as success. Across the board success.

But happiness doesn’t sell as well as resentment. So the media ran this news into their MiseryOutrage-O-Matic, set the bias control to Everloving Patriarchy and the levels to Election Year. Producing the following bit of bad news:

The rate of increase in lifespan for women has fallen behind mens.

Repeat in lockstep:


When the narrative is weak, it’s critical to stay on message.

In other news, secular liberals congratulate themselves, again, for being more objective, more open minded and indeed more intelligent than Christians because they don’t chant the same mythology over and over and berate those who don’t clap on beat in the hope of convincing themselves and everyone else that it is true.

Besides, it’s not like there’s any other important news in the demographic lifespan data: 


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Throwing In The Towel On Christmas

I have to admit that I used to love Christmas. But it has stopped being fun for me.

I’m not doing it anymore.

Finding, unpacking and hanging the decorations, trying to negotiate for a parking space with a crowd of passive-aggressive strangers before shopping shoulder to shoulder with these same people, the drone of advertising featuring interchangeable Stepford families that starts in October and runs until January, the stress of wondering and worrying about who is expecting what perfunctory gifts, the monotonous music, that guy with the bell, wrapping, customs forms, mailing liquids, the card list, the forced frivolity and superficial piousness, the involuntary family gatherings.

Frankly, my previously joyous efforts to disparage these dreadful things has become tiresome. While I admit that Christmas is a uniquely rich target for distain and self-loathing, having a both a Christian religious heritage that excludes and offends people who choose to celebrate Yuul, Kwansaa, Lenaea, Saturnalia, Merlinpeen, Newtonmass and many other deeply held and practiced beliefs, while at the same time seducing people of many beliefs into the secular customs of the west that enslave humankind to the cold impersonal machinery of industry and commerce for the amusement and benefit of the modern slave owner class.

But the cognitive dissonance that results from contempt for a thing because it is both superficially secular and at the same time oppressively religious grows tiresome. As does having to carefully choose words and construct arguments such that I sound sincerely concerned and thoughtful about the exclusionary side effects of a Christian holiday but at the same time not committing myself to offer the same criticism of the belief and rituals of Hanukkah, Ramadan or any other religion except Christianity. And frankly I’ve been just pretending to really care about the wasted gasoline, landfills bulging from packaging, “living conscientiously”, “disconnecting” from consumerism, and all that other condescending intellectual self-help crap.

I’m just tired of it.

So I’m going to do something radical. I’m going to enjoy the holiday that celebrates both the birth of Jesus Christ, the Christian Son of God, and Santa Claus, that guy who lives in the North Pole and with the help of many elves, makes toys for the not naughty boys and girls and delivers them around the world by dropping down the chimney from a flying sled.

I’m canceling my “ACLU Christian” Google Alert, removing the Huffington Post from my favorites and turning off MSNBC. I’m going to pass on the New York Times Lifestyles op-eds. I’m going to hang as many lights as I have time for. I’m going to stop to linger and enjoy the lights and decorations that others put out, in part for my enjoyment. I’m going to spend a bit of time thinking about what I can give that might be useful or fun, and I’m going to relax when I get it wrong, knowing that friends and family will appreciate the gesture. I’m going to load the iPod with Steamroller and Trans-Siberian, and even though I can’t hear the bell, maybe give the bell guy some change. I’m going to be a little less selfish and devote some time and attention to folks who I might normally not think about. I’m going to be a little less condescending toward people who choose to celebrate the event in a religious way. I’m going to wave to the middle aged guys dressed as Santa and wish them a Merry Christmas. I’m going to watch the Polar Express again.

I going to be thankful for life that the West, perhaps God, and perhaps good fortune, have blessed me with.

Merry Christmas.


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Eugene Robinson’s Official Start of the Year of the Slinging of the Mud


Eugene Robinson’s Quiet Desperation

Whether or not he lets himself be persuaded to write more condecending and dishonest op-eds, Eugene Robinson needs to find some way to grow hair. Like everyone else, op-ed writers perform best when they look great. Eugene obviously does not.

You could argue that this is none of my business, but I disagree. Eugene’s problem with his shiny dome ceased being a private matter when he started publishing op-eds with his photo at the top — and it’s not  something you can fail to notice. Male pattern baldness affects 25% of men at  age 30, and 2/3rds by 60. Eugene’s hair loss is as legitimate an issue as the The Media’s Obsession with Obama’s Smoking that President Obama says he has finally kicked.

On rare occasions, Eugene thinks about his hair loss. “I’m really struggling, been struggling for a long time with it,” unnamed sources say he thought briefly while writing an op-ed making the case that Christie’s appearance disqualifies him from public office.

After he wrote the article, Eugene was seen as acknowledging the contradiction between judging individuals on the merit of their values,  words and actions as opposed to how they look. Unnamed researchers attribute this to the psychological stress and loss of self-esteem due to changes in appearance that occur with male pattern baldness.

My intention is not to blame Eugene for his ad hominem attacks on a person he disagrees with. I’m sure Eugene is kind, caring liberal who is simply a victim of a genetic disease entirely out of his control.

But Eugene chose to put his photo at the top of an op-ed in the Washington Post. Well Eugene, heal thyself. Many hair loss sufferers have success with clinically proven treatments such as finasteride, dutasteride and topically applied minoxidil solution.

Politically, I disagree with Eugene on almost everything.  Today, I’d just like to offer him a bit of  unsolicited, heartfeld and at its core motivated by nothing save basic human kindness: get a hat.

Mike Zintel

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Keeping it Together in Seattle



TO:      The Extended Conscientious Community

FROM: Key Stakeholders in Organizations of Significance (Global)

RE:       Updated Talking Points: Addressing the Key Issues in the new Climate of Uncertain Momentum, Regulatory and Media Compliance

Thank you for your continued engagement on this life or death issue. We’re close to victory here team. But recent blog activity has called undue attention to the radical right wing theories put forward by M&M and Climate Audit and, left unchecked, could slow critical momentum on regulatory efforts. It’s worth pointing out that the future economic/regulatory/capital environment assumed by many who anticipate and plan for a progressive Green Economy is at risk without key follow-through here.

We are, as we always have been, outspent and under constant attack from the less progressive corporations and a backward looking Republican party leadership catering to their unscientific religious base. It is critical that we retain the needed mindshare and momentum in the media. And to do this, we must stay on message. To this end, the following talking points have been deemed to be effective at this time.

Please review the material enough to be comfortable both in ad-hoc discussions and in the press. As always, variation in the order and wording of these points is permissible and even recommended for the newswire, but the tone and key points should remain constant.

1. These are complex issues. Reinforce that most scientists agree the earth is warming, and the cause is manmade. Manmade is the preferred terminology here, ideally replacing CO2. If pressed, it is acceptable to say that CO2 levels in the atmosphere continue to rise, and that CO2 is known greenhouse gas. Further specifics should be avoided, and repetition that “most scientists agree” is an effective technique. It’s worth noting that the term climate change never really caught on and is deprecated, as it has the potential to confuse.

2. In forums where more detail is helpful, it’s useful to assert with confidence that the data still shows that the earth is warming. The previous messaging of the hottest interval on record is still effective at implying a trend, but it’s critical that the interval be decade and not year, month etc. When pressed, reinforce the reality that measuring average global temperatures is complex, and that patterns need to be gleaned by using statistical methods and experts. And most statisticians who have looked at the data agree the earth is warming. It is not recommended that any more detail be offered here, although as always, repetition is a handy tool in many situations. The phase hide the decline is to be avoided, and just ignoring it is simple and effective.

3. Less is more on UEA, Mann, Jones, M&M tree rings or hockey sticks. If pressed, fall back to the position that while there is some uncertainty, most scientists agree the earth is warming, and given the cause is manmade and the consequences the very survival of life on this planet, caution would suggest that we take what steps we can, while we can. Not to act would be immoral, and we will be judged harshly by history.

4. Republicans are backward and unscientific and hence, fall easily under the corrupting influence of BigEnergy. While biblical references are not suggested, the general tone that this is a goliath and david struggle is helpful.

5. The momentum on regulation is unstoppable. The general strategy here is to demoralize any grass roots opposition that might be captured by BigEnergy, the GOP, fiscal conservatives and/or organizations that claim to defend “individual liberty”. Some practice here is required, as a sense of fate is helpful, but a condescending tone could trigger an unwarranted backlash, especially among the less educated and more poorly informed.

We can still win this one.


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Channeling Rob Long in Seattle


TO: The Like Minded
FROM: NYT Management and  Key Stakeholders in Various Organizations of Significance
RE: The ’09 Agenda

Dear Progressives:

Congratulations on Job #1. Everyone pulled together on this and the results show.

It’s time to transition to memes that will have appropriate impact over the next 4 years. The following have been deemed to be of key importance:

Restore Credibility

In our enthusiasm to cover the historic story we may have overreached occasionally. This is a good time to remind ourselves that as the newspaper of record, working with Key Stakeholders in Various Organizations of Significance, we have an obligation to set our strongly held bias aside and be seen as objective. The timing is good here, as this will like have little impact on Job #1. Again, congratulations.

Back Peddle

It was a historic time. An uplifting time. Almost a spiritual time. We feel it. We know you feel it. The people feel it, … er, where was I? Oh, yes, expectations are high. Very high. And as we know, change is hard. Very hard. The road will be long. And hard. There’s a story here. The long, hard, slow road to change.

The Historical Narrative

As we all know, the seeds of doom have been planted for a long eight years and the roots, trunks and leaves are strong. Indeed, some historians believe that the seeds may be as old as 1781. Change will be hard. And slow. As we travel down the long, hard, slow, road of change, it will be helpful to not lose sight of the “shackles of history” that dog us. There are many stories here, and a great deal of legwork has been done over the last eight years.

Keep The Hope Alive

It’s been a long eight years. We’ve suffered through imaginary terrorism, the disdain of European progressive elitists, artists and intellectuals, wars, the systemic oppression of women and minorities, the debasement of science, authoritarian Christians, economic collapse and environmental disaster. Frankly people want Change. And we’ve done our part to document the stories that this anguish was as planned by that swaggering Texan fool [ see style guide, “Bias” –ed ] the outgoing administration. We will work closely with KSIVOOS to find stories that uplift. Stories of Hope. Stories of Change. Stories of Hope and Change, not Hate. Again, congratulations. Except in the appropriate context of the historical narrative (above), it’s time to de-emphasize things like waterboarding, gitmo, Iraq, Iran, Russia, North Korea, nuclear weapons. Since we have an obligation to report the straight facts, we feel there’s still some legroom on Gaza, AIDs and other diseases which have a disproportionate impact on women and minorities. There is no change on the standing guidance re Africa – paid advertising continues to put pressure on the space above the fold.

Understand the Marketplace:

As you are probably aware, fewer and fewer people actually buy or read the NYT with each passing day. Research shows that people are being confused by a plethora of low quality “unaligned” reporting on the web, in addition to the juggernaut of AM talk radio. Be assured that we will work all angles on this one, with the full support of KSIVOOS.

Thanks, and again. Congratulations.

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