True Stories

Women in America earn between $0.79 for the exact same work for which men earn $1.00.

It’s interesting to consider what has to be true for this unfairness to exist.

Every business owner/decision maker in America has to choose misogyny over greed.

Any businesses that choose greed/growth/profit/continued and/or expanded employment over misogyny would hire women to do exactly the same jobs as men equally well, drive down costs and increase efficiency.  This is probably the single easiest thing that could be done to increase profitability.

Assuming some semblance of a free market, this approach over time would allow these businesses that choose fairness, growth and profit grow at the expense of those more committed to unfairness.

Businesses that are failing due to labor costs would have to choose layoffs or complete collapse in order to continue to cheat women.

Even women owned business would have to be in on it.

This collusion would have to maintained in secret across decades of bankruptcies, startups, mergers and hostile buyouts, IPOs.

Puzzlin’ Evidence

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